Are workers any less efficient at night?

Night owls may be twice as likely to underperform at work and additionally run a heightened risk of early retirement due to disability, a new study finds The early bird does indeed seem to get the worm, as morning people tend to go to bed early enough to get the recommended amount of sleep on standard working days, finds research published online in the journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine. Continue →


Greatest risks to businesses in 2021

The latest BCI Horizon Scan Report looks at trends of incidents faced by organizations over the past year, the top threats, their impacts and the cost of disruptions, with COVID-19 having a big part to play Organizations have reported heightened risks and threats over the past year, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the 2021 BCI Horizon Scan Report, sponsored by BSI. Continue →

Fire Protection

Stop electrical fires and stay ahead of regulations with new AFDD tech

With the rise of remote working, many Kiwis are using more electricity-dependent devices at home, often plugged into unattended multi-plugs, which can place a greater burden on switchboards and increase the risk of electrical fires There are approximately 5,000 building fires in New Zealand every year, with about 1,000 being electricity-oriented. Continue →

Why gloves are not enough

Protective gloves are a great way to prevent accidental cuts to fingers and hands, but is it reasonable to assume they can eliminate the risk of all lacerations? Continue →


Chemical burns after businesses fail to co-ordinate

The Ministry for Primary Industries has been fined $30,000 for failing to ensure workers were not exposed to hazardous chemicals while managing an outbreak of Mycloplasma bovis In 2017 in efforts to manage an outbreak of Mycloplasma bovis, MPI contracted biosecurity company AsureQuality who in turn engaged OneStaff to provide temporary workers to assist with cleaning and disinfecting work. Continue →
Hazardous Substances

$15k fine for unlicensed asbestos removal

This was a completely botched asbestos removal job which put workers at risk, says WorkSafe’s Principal Advisor Asbestos Rob Birse Glenn Warwick Sibley operated a business specialising in the repair and maintenance of buildings. Continue →


$63k in fines due to unsafe work from heights

Two parties were fined a total of $63,000 after twice disregarding WorkSafe notices about unsafe work from a height, and putting workers at risk of serious harm The Judge also imposed a Project Order under section 155 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, which require both parties to prepare and present at least three safety seminars and produce an article outlining the incident and the lessons learned from it for publication in an industry magazine. Continue →

Precision hydraulics helps defend the America’s Cup

One-Design rule means all the challengers used Hydraulink products for the Foil Cant System Hydraulics helped provide the tools for this job – but the real tribute goes to the designers, crews and organisers who worked for years to make the new AC75 class the astounding spectacle it was, says Hydraulink Kiwi born director Lee Short. Continue →