New regulations for engineered stone


The Aussies continue to highlight the inadequacies of worker protection regulations here in New Zealand with the quick introduction of regulations covering engineered stone

On July 1 two sets of amendments to the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations will help protect workers from silicosis, a lung disease caused by exposure to respirable crystalline silica.
These amendments give effect to the engineered stone ban and provide stronger regulation of all materials containing crystalline silica from 1 September 2024.

The first set of amendments to the model WHS Regulations includes two new national frameworks relating to the implementation of the engineered stone ban, one for notifying a regulator about permitted work with legacy engineered stone and the other for applications for exemptions for certain types of engineered stone.

The second set of amendments will give effect to stronger regulation of all materials containing crystalline silica, from 1 September 2024.
Individual jurisdictions within Australia must make the amendments within their respective work health and safety laws to implement the ban in their jurisdiction from the same dates.

Learn more about the ban on engineered stone ban website which provides everything you need to know about the ban in one place.
An extremely well presented frequently asked questions section is a must-read for anyone working with stone.

Australian authorities are also currently developing guidance to support PCBUs understand how the amendments to the model WHS Regulations will affect them.
We could do worse than just following this excellent model.