Health and safety enforcement measures a live wire

When the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) came into force in April 2016, there was much discussion about the new enforcement measures introduced to ensure duty holders complied with their obligations, Graeme Tanner and Joseph Williams note The HSWA signalled a clear legislative intent to ensure duty holders under the HSWA were held accountable where acts or omissions in a workplace caused, or created an undue risk of, harm. Continue →

Hazardous Materials

Health & Safety

Exercise the best way for most to keep on top of asthma

A New Zealand fitness expert is urging Kiwis to exercise more to help beat asthma, a debilitating condition that affects one in six Kiwis May 1 was World Asthma Day and Exercise NZ ChiefE xecutive Richard Beddie says keeping fit with exercise is great way for managing asthma. Continue →

Multiple risk sources need to be managed

The tortilla oven that crushed and burned a worker’s hand and arm in November 2016 had multiple sources of risk, WorkSafe found The worker was cooking tortillas in a commercial tortilla press and oven when a Miller Foods Limited, trading as Remarkable Tortillas, was sentenced in the Queenstown District Court following an incident that left a worker’s arm trapped in an oven that was aflame. Continue →



Health and safety sentencing emphasises the importance of training

A recent health and safety sentencing decision from the District Court, WorkSafe New Zealand v Avon Industries Ltd [2018] NZDC 4766, has highlighted how critical the proper training of workers can be in a workplace, Duncan Cotterill advises In particular, just correcting bad practices and dangerous behaviour isn’t enough – instead training should be provided to ensure that every worker knows the correct procedures to follow, the leading law firm insists. Continue →