Five easy ways to reduce stress at work

When work-related stress starts to become chronic, it can become harmful to both your physical and mental well being, which can impact your overall performance No matter how much you enjoy your work, everyone has experienced stress in their job at some point. Continue →

Worker paralysed after fall awarded $400,000

Strings Attached Limited was ordered to pay over $400,000 in reparations and consequential loss to a worker who was paralysed in a four metre fall and will never walk again In a reserved decision released last week, Strings Attached Limited was ordered to pay the victim following the incident in East Tamaki in November 2017. Continue →


Fire Protection

Health and safety failures lead to severe burns

Affco New Zealand Limited were fined $230,000 and ordered to pay $65,000 for failing to keep a worker safe at its Moerewa plant Failures at a meat processing plant led to a worker suffering severe burns to almost his entire body, says WorkSafe. Continue →

A quick guide to industrial safety supplies

Industrial safety supplies are crucial when it comes to ensuring safe work conditions for workers and giving them the proper tools also increases confidence and a sense of security Slice The Bureau of Labor Statistics from the U.S. Continue →


The electrochemical alternative for sanitising your workplace

A New Zealand partnership forged under lockdown aims to change people’s reliance on alcohol and traditional chemical based sanitation products, in a market estimated to grow by around 30 percent globally by 2023 Disinfectant and sanitation company, AWS, has signed an agreement with specialist healthcare company Pharmaco after forging a partnership over video calls in lockdown. Continue →
Hazardous Substances

Company fined $108,000 for demolishing building with asbestos

Despite being aware of the presence of asbestos, the company cut corners and carried out unsafe demolition work, says WorkSafe’s Principal Advisor for Asbestos Robert Birse Motueka company Bays Boating Limited were fined $108,000 at the Nelson District Court today following a WorkSafe prosecution for the unsafe removal of asbestos. Continue →


$63k in fines due to unsafe work from heights

Two parties were fined a total of $63,000 after twice disregarding WorkSafe notices about unsafe work from a height, and putting workers at risk of serious harm The Judge also imposed a Project Order under section 155 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, which require both parties to prepare and present at least three safety seminars and produce an article outlining the incident and the lessons learned from it for publication in an industry magazine. Continue →