Conquering stress and a heavy workload

Some level of stress is normal, but too much stress is associated with a long list of negative health impacts and for leaders especially who have more responsibilities than the rest of their team, it can be beneficial to know how to handle stress and heavy workloads BizCover Everyone has some level of work-related stress from time to time, and some level of stress could even support productivity. Continue →

Student and teacher injured on falling scaffold

A school board of trustees was sentenced at the Tokoroa District Court after a mobile scaffold toppled over, injuring a teacher and student Mobile scaffolding was erected in Forest View High School’s auditorium to assist with setting up lighting for plays and assemblies. Continue →


Firefighters train using virtual reality

The new training technology, developed by a university academic, helps prepare firefighters for complex and unsafe scenarios which are difficult to reproduce using traditional training methods or are no longer possible due to environmental, community and regulatory constraints In addition to a VR headset and breathing apparatus, the FLAIM system incorporates an industry-standard hose-line system and protective clothing which produces realistic heat generation – simulating the temperature increase that occurs as the wearer approaches or fails to adequately control the fire. Continue →

Fire Protection

Gasfitter sentenced after faulty installation causes house fire

A Tauranga gasfitter has been sentenced to four months’ community detention after a gas fireplace he installed incorrectly caught fire causing significant damage to the house Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Patrick Joseph Dykes appeared at the Tauranga District Court after Dykes’ company was hired to install a gas fireplace at a home in Tauranga. Continue →

Five hand tool safety tips for every workplace

Hand tool safety tips are useful in every workplace – almost every job calls for their use, and healthy hands are necessary for every job People who work in warehouses, construction sites, or in industrial workplaces will likely use hand tools more frequently, but even office workers use scissors, box cutters, and utility knives. Continue →


Firefighting foam starts a blazing row

A Manawatū farmer says his community wants easier access to a blood test for toxic chemicals from firefighting foam, but the Health Ministry is telling them not to bother according to RNZ News The groundwater around defence bases including Ōhakea in Manawatū have been contaminated with toxic and long-lasting firefighting foam chemicals. Continue →
Hazardous Substances

Asbestos went undetected in botched demolition

A company was fined $150,000 after a botched home demolition job triggered a gas leak, trapped a neighbour in her property and left workers at risk of exposure to asbestos During the incident in December 2017 Quick Earth Moving Limited used two large diggers to pull down a house in Point Chevalier and immediately ran into issues. Continue →


Scaffold collapse highlights the importance of safe design

A scaffolding company has been fined $150,000 after a poorly designed scaffold collapsed while seven people were working on it Affordable Scaffolding (2010) Limited was sentenced at the Auckland District Court last month following the February 2017 incident involving a scaffold erected under the Panmure Bridge in Auckland. Continue →