Wellbeing top of mind for younger farmers

Workload, fatigue, relationships, sleep and time off farm, are some of the main challenges facing younger farmers today, so it is no surprise that farmers under 35 want to invest more in their wellbeing, new research has found The milestone study, commissioned by rural wellbeing initiative Farmstrong, found that 64% of younger farming men and 77% of women reported that at least one wellbeing issue had a large impact on their life. Continue →

Downer completes enforceable undertaking after worker loses eye

The work Downer has completed as part of its enforceable undertaking shows how the process works as a regulatory tool which benefits the victim, the workplace, the sector and the community, says WorkSafe Acting Chief Executive Mike Hargreaves On 12 May 2016, a worker providing services to Downer New Zealand Limited was working on a bridge where he was cutting bolts off the posts from below the bridge using a portable angle grinder. Continue →


How to avoid workplace incidents this winter

Cold weather can lead to more injuries as it affects decision-making and leads to fatigue, with people taking shortcuts to finish the job to get back where it’s warm which can cause injuries or damage to equipment and the work site Christchurch Site Safe safety advisor Trudy Hodge knows all about working in chilly conditions. Continue →

Applications open for safety scholarships

Site Safe is supporting New Zealand’s up-and-coming health and safety leaders in the construction sector with its 2019 range of scholarships Two previous scholarship winners, Kellie Bullock and Reem Barakat, celebrate their success Applications for the Site Safe Scholarships are open now and close on August 30. Continue →

Fire Protection

Gasfitter sentenced after faulty installation causes house fire

A Tauranga gasfitter has been sentenced to four months’ community detention after a gas fireplace he installed incorrectly caught fire causing significant damage to the house Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Patrick Joseph Dykes appeared at the Tauranga District Court after Dykes’ company was hired to install a gas fireplace at a home in Tauranga. Continue →

Five hand tool safety tips for every workplace

Hand tool safety tips are useful in every workplace – almost every job calls for their use, and healthy hands are necessary for every job People who work in warehouses, construction sites, or in industrial workplaces will likely use hand tools more frequently, but even office workers use scissors, box cutters, and utility knives. Continue →


Firefighting foam starts a blazing row

A Manawatū farmer says his community wants easier access to a blood test for toxic chemicals from firefighting foam, but the Health Ministry is telling them not to bother according to RNZ News The groundwater around defence bases including Ōhakea in Manawatū have been contaminated with toxic and long-lasting firefighting foam chemicals. Continue →
Hazardous Substances


Scaffold collapse highlights the importance of safe design

A scaffolding company has been fined $150,000 after a poorly designed scaffold collapsed while seven people were working on it Affordable Scaffolding (2010) Limited was sentenced at the Auckland District Court last month following the February 2017 incident involving a scaffold erected under the Panmure Bridge in Auckland. Continue →

Automated guided vehicles on safe paths

The RSL 400 safety laser scanner not only ensures that automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are operated safely by means of protective and warning fields, but it also simultaneously captures the measurement values for the navigation software The RSL 400 merges safety technology and high-quality measurement value output in a single device When the triangulation principle is used for navigation, AGVs are usually equipped with two different sensors: one for safety and one for navigation. Continue →