Offshore tobacco giants poised to enter vape market in New Zealand

Kiwi owned and operated vape seller Alt say it had little commercial choice but to launch in recent weeks its advertising campaign targeting Kiwis keen to give up smoking Alt director Ben Pryor says international tobacco companies are set to come into New Zealand with their own vaping and e-cigarette products and will target the young. Continue →

WorkSafe investigation reveals how two serious falls were preventable

Failure to ensure the safety of critical equipment has left one worker dead and another with multiple injuries in two separate incidents An electrical engineering firm was fined $332,060 after a worker harnessed to the top of a 30-metre high temporary transmission tower was injured when it fell to the ground leaving him with multiple injuries. Continue →


New ACC Funding for SMEs

The recent announcement of a $22 million ACC incentive programme to help small to medium-sized businesses reduce workplace injuries is welcome news, says Site Safe Chief Executive Brett Murray “The creation of the new five-year incentive programme recognises the high, sometimes prohibitive, costs faced by many of the SMEs who are eager to improve health and safety in their businesses. Continue →

Upskill your team with a NZQA qualification from Site Safe

Site Safe’s Health and Safety in Construction programme provides essential health and safety training to make a difference at work and awards an NZQA recognised certificate upon completion Every new Site Safe course your team completes could take them one step closer to earning the NZQA-recognised NZ Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety Practice (Level 3). Continue →

Fire Protection

New device raises the bar in electrical safety and fire protection

Power management company Eaton has released a new arc fault detection device that provides critical all-in-one protection against electrical fires in homes and buildings With built-in arc fault detection, earth leakage current protection (RCD), short circuit and overcurrent protection (MCB) technology in one compact device, the AFDD+ can be easily installed on switchboards for new-builds or retrofitted in residential applications. Continue →

Five hand tool safety tips for every workplace

Hand tool safety tips are useful in every workplace – almost every job calls for their use, and healthy hands are necessary for every job People who work in warehouses, construction sites, or in industrial workplaces will likely use hand tools more frequently, but even office workers use scissors, box cutters, and utility knives. Continue →


Firefighting foam starts a blazing row

A Manawatū farmer says his community wants easier access to a blood test for toxic chemicals from firefighting foam, but the Health Ministry is telling them not to bother according to RNZ News The groundwater around defence bases including Ōhakea in Manawatū have been contaminated with toxic and long-lasting firefighting foam chemicals. Continue →
Hazardous Substances


Innovative approach to automated guided vehicle safety

Increasing process automation means the cost-effective automation of vehicles is playing an increasingly more important role – which in turn has serious safety implications Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are encountered in vast warehouses, order-picking areas and production halls. Continue →

Ultra-flat high tonnage cylinders from Enerpac feature low height and safety protection for harsh conditions

Ultra-flat high tonnage lifting cylinders with stop rings for reliability and safety are being introduced by Enerpac to bring the power and precision of high-pressure hydraulics to applications involving limited space and often harsh operating conditions The compact and robust CULP Series 700 bar lift ring cylinders – in capacities from 10-100 tons, with 6mm stroke – are designed for applications where high lifting forces and extremely low starting heights are required in confined spaces, starting at 2.8mm. Continue →