Government to restrict vaping despite plummeting cigarette use

Revelations that cigarette sales are falling faster than ever, with vaping a major factor, is again raising concerns that the Government’s move to restrict vaping flavours and potentially cap nicotine levels in vaping products will only slow such success The End Smoking NZ charity has analysed tobacco company returns published by the Ministry of Health, showing 2,132 million cigarettes were sold last year in New Zealand – 410 million fewer than just two years ago. Continue →


Managers out of touch with employees

Global research reveals confidence and capability gap between business leaders and employees that could slow economic recovery Business leaders and employees are aligned when it comes to rating the importance of skills development within an organisation, but poles apart when it comes to the confidence they will achieve it, according to worldwide research commissioned by Cornerstone OnDemand, a global leader in cloud-based learning and human capital management software.  Continue →

Fire Protection

Stop electrical fires and stay ahead of regulations with new AFDD tech

With the rise of remote working, many Kiwis are using more electricity-dependent devices at home, often plugged into unattended multi-plugs, which can place a greater burden on switchboards and increase the risk of electrical fires There are approximately 5,000 building fires in New Zealand every year, with about 1,000 being electricity-oriented. Continue →


The electrochemical alternative for sanitising your workplace

A New Zealand partnership forged under lockdown aims to change people’s reliance on alcohol and traditional chemical based sanitation products, in a market estimated to grow by around 30 percent globally by 2023 Disinfectant and sanitation company, AWS, has signed an agreement with specialist healthcare company Pharmaco after forging a partnership over video calls in lockdown. Continue →
Hazardous Substances

Cancer-causing dust released by earthworks

Tiny needle-like fibres that can become airborne if bedrock is disturbed has the potential to cause an asbestos-type disease, scientists warn The fibres come from a mineral called erionite which originates in silica-rich volcanic rock commonly found in many parts of the world and especially throughout the Auckland region. Continue →


$63k in fines due to unsafe work from heights

Two parties were fined a total of $63,000 after twice disregarding WorkSafe notices about unsafe work from a height, and putting workers at risk of serious harm The Judge also imposed a Project Order under section 155 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, which require both parties to prepare and present at least three safety seminars and produce an article outlining the incident and the lessons learned from it for publication in an industry magazine. Continue →