What’s a Password Generator and why you should use one


Passwords are great as long as they keep our accounts safe, but they can also be downright awful

If you dare use a weak password for your online banking, you risk losing your cash to a brute-force attack. Choose to have one complex password for all your online accounts and a breach on one account means all your accounts are exposed. Creating random passwords for all your sites would be a good idea, but you risk forgetting one of them and getting locked out of your account.

So you have one reasonable option: make use of a password generator to create unique, random chains of characters that are difficult to guess or crack.

What’s a password generator?

A password generator is an online tool that creates arbitrary passwords for users. Some of these tools are simply random! They generate strong/secure passwords with combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and distinctive characters like slashes, braces, and asterisks among others.

There are also those password generators that are created to generate more recognizable characters rather than an entirely random password. There are generators for creating pronounceable passwords and custom tools that enable users to set all-inclusive criteria. For instance, you could request for a particular number of characters, a specific mix of numbers and letters, a particular number of distinct characters, or any other basis for creating a new password. It is advisable to always request for all accessible character sets, unless you are creating a password for a site that, maybe, doesn’t accept special characters.

How to Utilize an Online Password Generator

To utilize an online password generator to come up with a password, you will first need to choose the criteria you intend to use for generation. Choose the perfect length for your password, which is generally between 5 and16 characters. Next, choose the characters you plan to include in your password i.e. lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers, and symbols. The password generator will display the password’s protection level as you remove or add characters.

To create a very secure password, be sure to add numbers and special characters. Also, opt for a long password. You don’t have to remember these characters so they can be as huge as the site in question accepts. The next step would be to click on the ‘create/generate password’ button on the site and let the tool create a strong password for your account. Most of these tools will offer you the option of copying and saving your new-generated password on a clipboard.

Are online random password generators safe?

Password generators perform the dirty work of generating strong passwords for us so that we don’t have to think of those random characters ourselves. But, the question is, are these online random password generators safe to use? The thing is; you are better off using a password created by a random password generator than using a weak password that any hacking software can figure out. Password generators definitely help you to come up with strong passwords.

Some tools, such as passwordsgenerator.net allow you to add or remove certain characters and even offer tips on how to generate secure passwords on your own. Others like the RANDOM.ORG’s password generator only offer you the opportunity to modify the length of your newly-created password. The biggest advantage of these online tools is that they all offer their services for free—unless they have an advanced option that you will have to pay for.

Password generators are indeed a lifesaver when it comes to creating strong, secure passwords. However, not all password creators are equal. It is important that you learn how each one of them works so that you can choose the best one for your needs. That means ensuring the password generator doesn’t store logs and that the site uses the correct security certifications with HTTPS to maintain a secure connection between themselves and your browser.