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MSDS Authoring

In the business of transporting, moving and handling hazardous substances, one needs to place Safety Data Sheets on the side of the containers. These are also called SDS for short. These are mandatory. The SDS also needs to be compliant to HSNO. These sheets inform the reader how to properly handle the container and what damage-control steps to take in case of chemical spills.

TCC shall prepare NZ compliant safety data sheet for you according to your country’s rules and regulations. The copy shall include HSNO classifications and Group Standard allocations.

In case you already own NZ compliant SDS, we can correct and improve on it. These shall be HSNO compliant and usable in New Zealand. TCC conducts the HSNO compliant draft document NZ label review for maintaining the consistency between SDS and NZ Laws.

PIC Essentials

A Person In Charge is one of the most important personnel in a company which deals in handling hazardous substances. Such a person leads his team and trains them on the safest ways to handle the chemicals, substances, and wastes. However, a PIC needs to be trained first to industry standards. This is something which most companies still ignore. The PIC or Person In Charge is responsible for working according to the NSNO rules and regulations in New Zealand. He may also oversee NZ label requirements.

This is why we have created his very useful course, to educate companies on the responsibilities, the functions and the importance of a PIC, who can be their team leaders and foremen. These people are essential for your company because they control the damage in case of hazardous substance spills.

The in-depth and comprehensive course aids you in understanding the responsibilities of a Person In Charge, and how the person is important for your company in regards to handling hazardous substances.

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