Literacy help for company drivers


A recent OECD study found that 20.7 per cent of New Zealand adults are in the lowest literacy bracket, including both those born in New Zealand and those who weren’t.

This makes it more challenging for companies to ensure their drivers understand their obligations on the road and are safe and competent behind the wheel.

“Drivers might be able to speak English very well but find reading road signs and written instructions very difficult,” says Darren Cottingham, director of DT Driver Training.

“In some industries, the proportion of drivers with literacy issues is really high so we recorded every single question and answer in our Fleet Driver Plan to help those drivers take full advantage of training options.”

The new audio recordings cover all sections of the training program including the Road Code, driver health and safety, vehicle safety and advanced driving skills.

“Written English is full of idiosyncrasies and can be challenging for native speakers, let alone new migrants with English as a second language,” Cottingham adds.

“We need to make it easier for all drivers to learn our road rules, driver health and safety best practices and advanced driving techniques, regardless of their reading ability.”

DT Driver Training helps over 600,000 New Zealanders become better drivers every year with free training for drivers getting their learner licence, and advanced driving courses for company and fleet drivers.

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