Precision hydraulics helps defend the America’s Cup


One-Design rule means all the challengers used Hydraulink products for the Foil Cant System

Hydraulics helped provide the tools for this job – but the real tribute goes to the designers, crews and organisers who worked for years to make the new AC75 class the astounding spectacle it was, says Hydraulink Kiwi born director Lee Short.

“Closely matched crews and brilliant designs allowed the 6-7 tonne AC75 yachts to fly clear of the water at top speeds between 40 and 50 knots.” (74.08-92.6 kilometres per hour).

“I remember watching a race in 1995. A hydraulic leak on the mast boom of Team New Zealand sprayed oil into the cockpit, causing a few issues,” says Short.

“I thought, ‘We can do better than that’, so, when the team arrived back ready to defend the Cup, I organised a visit to Team New Zealand and offered our expertise for the next defence.

“Twenty-five years on we are still ardently involved. This 36th America’s Cup was a bit special though, because we are supplying the hose and fittings for each challenger’s Foil Cant System.”

“The America’s Cup is a monumental engineering achievement. The Emirates Team New Zealand Defender alone is the culmination of more than 100,000 work hours from a design-and-build team over the past six months, incorporating the knowledge from the first big boat Te Aihe and the smaller test boat Te Kāhu.

“With hydraulic systems on board that utilise Hydraulink hoses and fittings, this is a project very dear to our hearts and we are incredibly proud to have contributed to the build of this ground-breaking yacht, and successful outcome.”

Involvement in high-tech ventures with no room for error reinforces the company’s top safety and reliability focus. Hydraulink also backs NZ formula Open motor racing champion Gary Rush.

“Whether you are out on the water, the racetrack or in the workshop and worksite, reliable hydraulics are fundamental to hard work and high performance”, says Short.

Fellow director Noel Davies says the company encourages constant improvement and a can-do attitude that accords with “our national spirit”.

“Multiple successes of New Zealand show just what standards of excellence can be achieved by constant dedication to team excellence, in the sporting arena and in all our workshops and customer’s workplaces.

“Lee [Short} has taken a great initiative in making this happen, and we believe this delivers a strong ethic of excellence throughout Hydraulink.

“The America’s Cup involvement is totally in accord with the can-do culture of excellence and innovation it inspires Hydraulink staff at 400-plus Hydraulink service points in Australia and New Zealand, says Davies.

“Our field of industrial hydraulics is also a highly competitive business where attitude, innovation and educating our teams are paramount to global standards of service,” he says.

Hydraulink’s success

The defending champion Emirates Team New Zealand exclusively used Hydraulink hoses and couplings, including those actuating the complex Foil Cant System.

The Foil Cant System – which provides the boats with the leverage they need to stay upright – use the same precision hydraulic power that actuates nearly all heavy industrial equipment, ranging from civil engineering and earthmoving equipment, cranes, forklifts, draglines, trucks. agricultural, logistics, warehousing, transport and construction equipment.

Hydraulink provides quality hydraulic hoses and fittings and operates to world-class standards of safety and standards compliance, providing maintenance, and service life optimisation for often huge and complex machinery working 24/7 that depends extensively on hydraulics for safe and efficient operation.

Hydraulink is widely known in industrial markets as a leading supplier to major construction, civil engineering, infrastructure, manufacturing, resources, mining and energy, forestry, primary industry, transport and marine companies in Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia and the Western USA.

The company began in in New Zealand in 1945 and now has 400 service points across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.
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