New lightweight universal rope guide





The Konecranes guide offers greater flexibility, reliability and safety on small or mid-sized wire rope hoists and provides a high-quality, low-cost replacement for almost any brand of rope guide

Wire rope hoists are used in a wide variety of industries including construction and infrastructure, mining, manufacturing and materials handling, automotive, cement, primary production, process engineering, ports, shipping and logistics.

Designed to fit almost any make or model of crane, the new rope guide has a rigid construction, allowing it to withstand extreme and demanding environments, where factors like heat, wind or contaminants can wreak havoc on a less study design.

“Not only is the new rope guide available at a lower cost without compromising on quality – it’s also simple to install with no specialty tools required,” Konecranes Australia and New Zealand National Parts and Sales Support Manager Kevin Williams insists. “In most cases, just use a spanner or ratchet and in five minutes, it’s ready to use!”

Rope guides optimise the performance of wire rope hoists, by guiding the rope as it extends or retracts, making sure it’s straight and not causing additional wear, he explains. “They are an essential part of maintaining a long rope life.

The universal and patented design allows for a range of drum diameters with fast installation and high-value performance. Its roller wheels provide smooth transition movement, which can reduce drum wear.

“A variety of accessories, sensors or other equipment can be directly fitted on the frame, making it easy for customers to customise its use to their individual application,” Williams says.

This modular design allows for the fitting of additional features such as drum cleaning, side-pull prevention and rope measuring.

The new rope guide will be available through Konecranes’ intuitive new parts store (, which is designed to improve inventory and lead time accuracy, as well as make it as simple as possible to find crane parts, regardless of the make or model. It provides 24/7 access to parts, inventory, manuals, lead times, prices and order history.