Sync Grip Pullers offer safe, precise bearing removal


Enerpac has introduced a new range of Sync Grip Pullers which feature synchronised movement of their locking jaws for simultaneous engagement and optimised safety.

The new SG-Series Sync Grip Pullers – in mechanical and hydraulic configurations up to 45 tonnes capacity – optimise safety, simplicity and speed of removal of bearings, bushings, gears, sleeves, wheels, fly-wheels, sprockets and other shaft-mounted items.

Introduced to Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, the new tools enable one man to do jobs that often previously took two men, says Darryl Lange, Enerpac National Sales Manager.

Applications include maintenance of fixed and mobile machinery and plant as well as heavy vehicles and rolling stock in industries such as the automotive, construction, civil, mechanical, production and process engineering, manufacturing and metal working, mining and energy, oil and gas, materials handling, primary production, road, rail and tracked vehicle transport, water and waste water industries.

For loads up to 20 tonnes, the SGM-Series mechanical pullers provide an economical and efficient option, with all the same rugged high-strength features as the hydraulic option.

For more complex tasks, up to 45 tonnes, the MPS-Series hydraulic pullers offer hydraulically applied pulling force through a detachable hydraulic cylinder, to increase pulling capacity and reduce operator fatigue.

“Both the mechanical and the hydraulic Sync Grip Pullers offer efficiency as well as safety, because one worker can do a job that often requires two with other tools,” Lange claims.

A safety and workplace benefit is that the pullers will even grip on surfaces where normal pullers would slip off – for example, on tapered bearings.

Simple, safe

“Their, smooth, simple and safe operation means that, instead of impact hazards created by removal methods using hammers and levers – with risks to both the workpiece and maintenance personnel – Sync Grip Pullers draw parts smoothly and precisely without the need for heating or prying,” Lange says.

“Sync Grip Pullers are the latest evolution of Enerpac’s advanced puller technology. Being able to facilitate simultaneous engagement of each jaw adds an additional level of safety and reliability to a very common industrial process.”

Features of the new ranges include:

  • maximum reach, mechanical pullers, 105-600mm spread range 110-680mm)
  • maximum reach, hydraulic pullers, 320-700mm, spread range 350-980mm
  • threaded spindle and jaw indexes provide adjustable reach
  • three-jaw configuration for even load distribution, with two-jaw configuration available in mechanical pullers for confined access situations
  • high-strength forged jaws for superior reliability
  • optional accessories that expand application range and increase utility
  • hydraulic models are available in standard kits which include detachable hydraulics cylinders and a choice of pump options, along with a gauge assembly and hose for safe monitoring of applied pulling forces
  • cross-bearing puller sets available to complement Sync Grip technology, featuring quick set up to tackle a variety of jobs and precise hydraulic control for fast, efficient and safe pulling. Available in 6-22 tonne capacities with maximum reach 357-831mm and 260-580mm in spread range.

They are backed nationally and on-site by the sales, service and technical expertise of the Enerpac distributor network, which has been a market leader in Australasia for more than 50 years.