Sliding reaction arm extends safety and flexibility


Sliding reaction arms designed to enhance the safety, flexibility and efficiency of Enerpac Pneumatic Torque Wrench (PTW) in difficult torque tightening applications has been introduced

Their introduction – which complements the introduction of sliding reaction arms for Electric Torque Wrenches – further extends the safety and efficiency of Enerpac’s pneumatic torque wrenches, which are widely used professional bolting technology.

The new sliding reaction arm enhances the flexibility of Enerpac’s PTW, particularly in applications with uneven or long bolt centres, such as mill liner bolts in AG mills, SAG mills and ball mills, track bolts or grouser plates in dozer maintenance and crab bolts in EMD logo engines.

“The new sliding reaction arm has been designed for applications where the distance to an adjacent reaction point or bolt centre are widely spaced and uneven making it difficult to utilise standard reaction arms,” says Bert Heinrich, Enerpac Territory Manager – Western Australia.

Lengths of the sliding reaction arm attachment vary from 102-305mm, for Enerpac’s widely proven PTW1000, PTW2000, PTW3000 and PTW6000 models, or up to 470mm with a special extended reaction arm for mill maintenance applications.

The extended option is available on the PTW 1000, 2000 and 3000.

“The new sliding reaction arm is ideal for using to react the tool of a neighbouring bolt or nut head, especially where the centres vary,” Heinrich explains.

“The black handle locks the socket position with a simple clockwise quarter turn of the hand.

“To unlock and slide again simply quarter turn anticlockwise by hand.”

A major benefit of this tool accessory is safety, Heinrich says.

“The two sockets mounted on the sliding reaction arm engage with the bolt or nut heads, meaning there is no pinch point injury possible between the operator’s hand and the tool or work piece.”

The other main benefit is its “infinite” variability.

“It can be customised to suit different bolt centre lengths and centres, making the tool safer and more efficient in a huge range of applications.”

Designed to optimise service life and minimise downtime, Enerpac’s Pneumatic Torque Wrenches incorporate low-friction planetary gearboxes to minimise wear and extend uptime.

They also feature commonality of motors and parts to facilitate maintenance in demanding industries including mining, oil and gas, construction, transport, ship building, manufacturing and power generation.

“In addition to performance, durability and reliability, an outstanding advantage of the new tools is their availability and service backup through the proven and long-established Enerpac service and distribution network,” says Enerpac National Bolting Manager, Andrew Marsh.

The PTW complements Enerpac’s Electric Torque Wrench – for which sliding reaction arms are also available – and a comprehensive range of hydraulic torque wrenches and bolting tools, which are highly valuable to companies seeking time-saving choice, consistency of quality and traceability of outcomes.