Safety is heady stuff


Aussie Pumps “Pro Operator” safety programme for pressure cleaner users has made another leap forward

Operators can be protected from head to toe in dangerous cleaning applications.

The company has now launched a helmet and visor with hearing protectors suitable for use in high pressure cleaning applications.

The helmet, designed with the cooperation of 3M, meets the requirements in industrial helmets but is substantially stronger and more comfortable than conventional safety helmets.

The new helmets have been tested with combined pressures of 2000 bar and 17.9 litres per minute flow, with excellent results of “no penetration”.

The visor meets the requirements for eye protection and is replaceable.

It can be set in the folded-up position, just like the opening of a medieval helmet.

Hearing protectors are standard and can be adjusted vertically and set in different positions against the head for optimum protection and fit.

“This is a massive step forward for professional pressure cleaners, dry docks, steel works, mines, or anywhere that high pressure cleaning equipment is used”, says Aussie Pumps spokesman Mal Patel.

“The helmet completes the Aussie ’safe operator’ safety kit from head to toe.”

Australian Pump launched their Pro-Operator range of “DYNEEMA” clothing in its 500 bar proof configuration two years ago.

Since then it’s been rapidly picked up by major users, including mines, defence, industry, shipbuilding and professional cleaning contractors.

“The new safety standards, AS\NZS-4233.1:2013 and AS\NZS-4233.2:2013 have changed the way people think about pressure cleaner safety”, Patel says.

“People using machines in the B Class area need to be protected not only from a point of view of OH&S, but also to avoid very costly fines.

“Many companies or government departments are not aware that wilful negligence of serious injuries caused by pressure cleaners can mean imprisonment is included in the act”, Patel adds.