Safer cycling the focus of guidance report


A new guidance report aimed at health and safety and HR professionals offers healthy tips for local cyclists.

The Brake road safety charity report implores organisations employing or using cyclists to be aware of dangers, and the proactive solutions available in order to ensure  safer cycling.

The report includes an overview of risks involved with cycling fleets, the importance of road safety awareness, education and training, and a comprehensive guide on safety measures for cyclists, including equipment and route optimisation.

Drawing knowledge from a best practice case study, the guidance highlights the importance of having an established road safety plan for cycling fleets.

The report also features practical and procedural advice for those supervising a team of at-work cyclists.

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“It is vital that organisations which work with cyclists are taking proactive steps to make their cycle fleet as safe as possible,” Brake’s New Zealand Director Caroline Perry says.

“Ensuring that cyclists have adequate training and equipment is crucial, and this guidance outlines how managers can make positive steps in reducing their road risk.”

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