New safety system offers safer, smarter operations


Rockwell Automation has introduced a new safety-based communications protocol that helps operators reduce and improve machine diagnostics and downtime while increasing productivity

Traditionally, safety devices are wired to separate safety inputs, which requires significantly more wiring and introduces more potential fault points.

When wired in this series connection, customers lose the ability to distinguish information from each device.

With the Allen-Bradley Guardmaster GuardLink safety system, safety devices are easily connected in series while providing access to individual device diagnostics.

This system provides safety, diagnostics, remote reset and lock command over a single four conductor cable with up to 32 devices per link.

In addition, customers can greatly reduce installation cost, with up to 38% reduction in wiring, when using GuardLink.

The GuardLink technology seamlessly integrates with Allen-Bradley Guardmaster safety relays and components, allowing users to access status information throughout their entire safety system.

The connection of safety devices with smart taps enabled by GuardLink technology and standard cabling to a Guardmaster safety relay allows greater visibility into the system, down to individual guard doors and E-stops

“When an e-stop or interlock switch is operated, the individual safety signal is sent to the Guardmaster safety relays,” says Paul Costantin, business manager, components, Rockwell Automation – South Pacific.

“That information is then communicated seamlessly across The Connected Enterprise via the Guardmaster network interface, making it easier and faster to diagnose and repair problems when compared to traditional wired systems.”

The GuardLink safety system fully integrates with the Logix platform with predetermined tag names in the Rockwell Software Studio 5000 application. Its simplified design and reduction in wires allows for simple plug-and-play installation.

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