Laser tech gas detection firm goes nationwide


Industrial gas sensing equipment manufacturer Photonic Innovations Ltd has partnered with Active Refrigeration to form its first New Zealand-wide distribution agreement.

Dr Ojas Mahapatra, CEO of Photonic Innovations

Photonic is “very proud and privileged” to be partnering with New Zealand’s biggest player in ammonia refrigeration services, says Dr Ojas Mahapatra, CEO of Photonic Innovations.

“This deal reflects both of our commitments to improve workplace safety in food processing entities in New Zealand.”

Photonics has been encouraged by the interest in its laser-based ammonia detectors from large and small food processing businesses.

“There has been quite a few near-death ammonia leaks at food processors in New Zealand recently,” Mahapatra observes.

“Our first and foremost purpose is to ensure that people working in hazardous, gas-filled confined spaces safely return to their families at the end of their shift.

“Our laser-based sensors ensure reliability in ammonia leak detection and always keep an eye on untoward incidents.”

Green gas

Ammonia’s popularity as a refrigerant has increased dramatically due to its green credentials.

At the same time health and safety regulations have also tightened to ensure that companies manage the significant risks that comes with ammonia usage.

‘The end result is a strong demand for high-quality, reliable and affordable ammonia sensors.” says Mahapatra.

Whilst New Zealand is Mahapatra’s first priority he already has an eye on the Australian market and is not shy about his ambitions for the rest of the world.

“This New Zealand born-and-bred technology is leading the world,” he claims.

“There’s no reason we shouldn’t be in the front of mind when any food processing/storage operator thinks of ammonia detection.”