Keeping commercial kitchens clean and safe


Commercial kitchen operators know how difficult and sometimes dangerous cleaning pots and pans can be.

Poor quality cleaning materials not only don’t do the job, but can often lead to water spillage that can cause accidents in busy kitchens.

But with the right cleaning tools, kitchen aids can cut back on the effort and time they put into doing the job safely and efficiently.

Since inventing the original scouring pad in 1958, 3M Commercial Solutions Division has worked to develop solutions to ease the effort and time it takes to clean in a commercial kitchen.

Introducing the Scotch-Brite Dual Purpose Scour Pad 96HEX from 3M, a double-duty scouring pad featuring a yellow side with the latest in scouring technology, and a gray side that polishes away fine particles and grease.

“For 2017, we’ve reinvented the hand pad to continue the evolution of one of our most successful cleaning products, the Scotch-Brite Medium Duty 96 Hand Pad,” says 3M Commercial Solutions Division Market Development Manager Carolina Bautista-Brown.

Customers wanted to spend less time cleaning pots and pans, she believes.

“3M responded to that need by developing the power dot side of the Scotch-Brite Scour Pad 96Hex which cuts through baked-on food five times faster than non-3M competitive medium duty scouring pads,” Bautista-Brown claims.

The Scotch-Brite Dual Purpose Scour Pad 96HEX is designed for medium-duty, general purpose cleaning, including aluminum pots and pans, cooking appliances and utensils, and kitchen and maintenance equipment.

Innovative dots

Its greatest innovation is in the power dots on the yellow side.

The surface pattern of the power dots was engineered to quickly and effectively cut through stubborn, baked- or burnt-on food five times faster than non-3M competitive medium duty scouring pads.

It’s also designed to be more durable and retain its full scouring power through repeated uses.

The yellow side has a special treatment that prevents particles of food from getting trapped on the web, allowing them to be rinsed away easily.

The smooth gray side scours away fine food particles and leaves a shiny surface.

The hexagon design of the pad is more ergonomic and functional.

The hexagon shape features two additional edges than the traditional rectangle shape, offering up more corners to get in and clean the hard-to-reach areas of pots and pans.

Additionally, the ergonomic hexagon shape fits comfortably in the hand, maximizing productivity and minimizing user fatigue.