Jack-up systems provide safety for heavy lifts


A new fully computer-controlled jack-up system is engineered to provide optimum safety and precision control for demanding high-tonnage lifting and lowering applications.

The JS500 Series multi-point incremental jack-up system (JS) from global hydraulics leader Enerpac typically employ four 500-ton capacity incremental lifting towers, each with a maximum tower height of up to 10 metres.

A typical 2000-ton lift configuration involves JS500 units positioned at each corner of the load.

The JS system’s uncluttered, self-contained design features simple-to-use software with automatic synchronisation of multiple networked lift points.

Safety is further enhanced by step-by-step operator interaction.

The JS system also operates in auto-mode and is also pre-programmed with emergency alarms that automatically stops lifts based parameters such as load and stroke per tower and the entire system.

Most importantly, during lifting or lower operation no one is required under or near the load allowing workers to stay clear of potential drop zones and providing the ultimate form of safety.

Enerpac Mining and Integrated Solutions Manager Warren Baltineshter says the custom-developed JS series’ synchronous lift and mechanical hold functions are ideally suited include applications such as:

  • road and rail bridge maintenance
  • lifting and lowering of heavy equipment such as mining shovels and excavators
  • lifting and lowering of structures and buildings
  • de-propping and load transfer from temporary steel work.

Precision control

“Jack-Up systems are ideally suited to lifting or lowering heavy machinery or structures, because they allow for precise control while keeping the area uncluttered and safe,” Baltineshter says.

The JS500 system is part of Enerpac’s range of heavy lift, shift, balance and place solutions, which includes the world’s largest portfolio of heavy lift and load control applications.

These systems – such as hydraulic gantries, strand jacks, skidding systems, self-erecting towers, Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) and synchronous lift systems – can handle some of the world’s most challenging lifts.

These include awkwardly shaped and sometimes massive structures weighing tens of thousands of tons in maritime, mining, energy and heavy industrial applications.

Each JS500 Jack-Up unit contains four hydraulic cylinders located in each of its corners, which lift towers of modular steel boxes, and in turn lift loads placed on top of these boxes.

Automated insertion

Upon lifting load hydraulically for clearance, a new modular steel box is precisely inserted into the system by the automated box insertion system.

Finally, the load is lowered onto the waiting steel box and load is transferred back onto the ground.

The synchronous computer technology maintains the balance of the load, allowing the lifting and lowering to occur simultaneously.

“Synchronous lifting offers greater accuracy, ease of control of the lift and, most importantly, increased safety compared with using standalone products,” Baltineshter adds.

Enerpac is an international market leader in high-pressure hydraulics, which has been established in Australia and New Zealand as a major supplier of high-pressure (700 bar) hydraulic equipment for 50 years, having nationwide service backup and a strong distribution network.