First “Approved” explosives trace detector on new air cargo screening list


The latest programme requirements for cargo aboard airplanes requires a significantly higher level of explosives detection capability and software functionality.




The IONSCAN 600 is the first explosives trace detection system to be “approved” on the TSA Air Cargo Screening Technology List (ACSTL).

It was submitted for ACSTL TSA testing in April 2017 and will also be submitted for evaluation to be used for trace detection at US airport checkpoints in the near future.

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is an agency of the US Department of Homeland Security that has authority over the security of the traveling public in the United States.

“We are working with the TSA to complete testing to move IONSCAN 600 to the ‘qualified’ air cargo list and look forward to completing that process within the next year,” says Smith Detection Vice President, Business Development and Sales Stephen Esposito,

The IONSCAN 600 is a portable desktop trace detection system that detects minute quantities of explosives, as well as narcotics such as fentanyl, within seconds.

It is designed to be extremely flexible for use in dynamic screening environments and is fully operational on hot-swappable batteries to ensure continuous use.

“IONSCAN 600 is similar in operation to previous generation systems, thereby minimising the training needs as cargo companies bring the new product into operation,” says Mr Esposito.

Technical specifications:


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