Discounted counselling services for forestry workers


Safetree has teamed up with Vitae services to help forestry employers access counselling services for workers at a discounted price

The arrangement means forestry businesses are eligible for special corporate rates when one of their workers uses Vitae services.

If a worker seems to have problems, you can suggest they talk to Vitae.

You will need to call Vitae, indicate you are eligible for the Forestry Industry Safety Council scheme (FISC runs Safetree), and provide the employee’s contact details and your approval to proceed.

Vitae will then arrange a referral to one of its counsellors.

If you decide to use this service you can promote it to your workers by downloading the fact sheet and posting it around your worksites:

You can also download the Safetree information sheet for employers:

Or read more on the Safetree website:

You will pay for the counselling sessions – not the worker. You can decide how many sessions you are willing to pay for.

Workers will not be able to access the services without you authorising the sessions.

The discounted rates being offered to forestry businesses start at $130 an hour for offsite counselling, including drug and alcohol counselling/rehabilitation.

See the employers’ fact sheet for more details on services and discounted prices.

Vitae is a professional employee assistance provider that offers access to a nationwide team of independent counsellors, psychologists and trauma responders.

For more information visit: