Cost-efficient Occupational Health & Safety hot water solution


The Australian-design 10L Aqueous Mk 2 hot water system was a finalist in Australia’s 2017 Sustainability Awards.

The system is designed for commercial and industrial users such as food processors and hygienic manufacturers, providing near-instant hot water for hand and small equipment washing.

It complies with OH&S practices in businesses like food and beverage, manufacturing and industrial processing and reduces wastage of both water and energy by having the heater located under the sink, close to the point of use.

“Domestic, industrial and commercial building owners typically waste a lot of time, water and energy when turning on the hot tap and waiting for hot water to arrive from remotely located big tanks, which can be five or more metres away,” says Jay King, managing director of AusJ, which markets the heater.

“This is wasteful of energy and water – not to mention frustrating when users must wait ages to serve up water needed for regular daily tasks.”

The Aqueous MK2 comes with Australian WaterMark accreditation, passing extensive tests regarding its suitability for safely supplying water for human consumption.

The unit was chosen from more than 130 entries as a finalist in the Innovation and Application Category of the 2017 Sustainability Awards.

Cost is also a nice surprise, coming in at $350 plus delivery.


About the company:

Ausj has more than 30,000 hot water heaters of different types in use worldwide, including 12v/240-volt types for business and private use, as well as recreational vehicles, boats and holiday homes.